Scientific Method
How can we determine if something is a fact or an opinion? How can we determine an answer to a problem? The answer is use the scientific method.
What is the Scientific Method? It is a series of steps used to help solve a problem.
Problem: Is Raid the best insecticide on the market?
Research the problem: Look up information on all insecticides.
Make a Hypothesis: Raid is the best insecticide on the market. If used it will kill insects 30% faster then other insecticides. This educated guess was determine by the experimenter based on the research done prior to making this statement.
Develop a controlled experiment:
Spray 5 separate plates with equal amounts of different insecticides. Cover each one with the same type and size glass. Add equal amounts of the same type of insects to each glass. Place them side by side and time the results.
Form a conclusion: This is only done after the data , from the experiment , has been collected and analyzed.
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