The Classes of Fish

Class Agnatha: (Lamprey and Hagfish)

General Characteristics:


Class Chondrichthyes: (Sharks, Rays, and Skates).

General Characteristics:


Class Osteichthyes: (Tuna, Carp, Salmon, and Sturgeons).

General Characteristics:


Fish heart


a. atrium b. ventricle 


Fish Internal Organs

Fish Brain

1. Olfactory Lobes : Functions in smell.

2. Cerebrum : Functions in muscle movement, intelligence, instinct, and will power.

3. Optic Lobes : Functions in eye sight.

4. Cerebellum : Functions in muscular coordination.

5. Medulla Oblongata : Functions in involuntary responses ( heart beat, breathing, and digestion ).

6. Spinal Cord : Functions in transport of nerve impulses to and from the brain.