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Animal Characteristic Review
1. Determine the following information concerning the animals below. Are they Parazoan or
Eumetazoan; Radiata or bilateria; a, pseudo or true coelomate; protostome or
a). ascaris
b). leech
c). hydra
d). cat
e). fluke
f). ant
g). clam
2. List the excretory organs found throughout the animal kingdom.
3. Distinguish between a closed and an open circulatory system.
4. Trace the development of a triploblastic body plan in the animal kingdom.
5. List the main animal phyla and their classes with an example of each.
6. How are annelida and mollusks related?
7. How are the annelids and arthropods related?
8. List the invertebrate parasites of the animal kingdom.
9. Compare and contrast the deuterostomes and protostomes.


Use the following link to help answer the above questions. Click here.