Unit 5: Plants Form and Function

Time line: 4 weeks

Unit Objectives:

1. Discuss the general characteristics of the plant kingdom.

2. Evaluate the differences that separate the nonvascular plants from the vascular plants.

3. Justify the reasons for dividing the vascular plants into their selected Divisions.

4. Compare and contrast the angiosperms and gymnosperms.

5. Compare and contrast the major Divisions of Fungi.

6. Analyze the major tissues of the seed plants and develop a working knowledge of their relationship to each other.

7. Predict the out come of plant growth based on the data given from experiments using plant hormones.

8. Evaluate the processes of water and food movement in plants.

9. Evaluate the progress of plant responses based on the type of tropism being exhibited.

10. Compare and contrast photoperiodism and Circadian rhythms.



Teacher/Student Activities:

1. Discuss the characteristics of plants in general. Have the students complete the notes page on Nonvascular plants.

2. Discuss the characteristics of vascular plants and complete the worksheets on transpiration and vascular plants.

3. Discussion on the plant hormones and the need for them in plant reproduction. 

4. Discuss the form and function of fungi and complete the worksheet on fungal characteristics.

5. Complete the AP Lab on Plant Pigmentation and Photosynthesis.


1. Teacher Labs are guided practice and will not be counted in the grading process.

2. Pop quizzes are formative assessments and will not be counted in the grading process.

3. Major Test: Summative and will follow the A P Exam format.

4. AP Labs are summative and will be counted in the grading process.