Advanced Placement Biology Curriculum
AP Labs

Found below is a model Biology AP Curriculum for High School. It is divided into 8 units, each unit containing objectives and activities that may be used as a guide. Please feel free
to use it and comment about it.
Unit One
Unit Two
Unit Three
Unit Four
Unit Five
Unit Six
Unit Seven
Unit Eight
Advanced Placement Labs

The following labs are a close version of the Advanced Placement Labs that are required to be completed for the Advanced Placement Biology Course. Some of the labs have parts modified or missing. The worksheets linked to this page may be used as substitutes for the original lab papers. These are by no means official labs, but a modified version to be used by schools wishing to enhance their AP and Pre-AP Biology Programs.

Diffusion and Osmosis
Enzyme Catalysis
Mitosis and Meiosis
Plant Pigmentation and Photosynthesis
Cell Respiration
Molecular Biology
Genetics and Organisms
Population Genetics and Evolution
Physiology of the Circulatory System
Animal Behavior
Dissolved Oxygen and Aquatic Primary Production.