Interactive Lab and Review Sites

Microscope Lab

An easy to understand microscope lab for middle school grades and remedial work for high schoolers.

Virtual Microscope Lab

This site gives you a chance to view some material under the microscope.

Microscopy Society of America

Great place to start your microscope work.

Univ. Of Arizona's Biology Project

Perfect for reviewing some of the harder biological concepts.

Science Resource Center

This web site is for science teachers to share ideas.

The Heart Page

A virtual page with the working heart.

Online dissections from Cornell

Good site for detailed animal dissections.

Periodic Table of Elements

Click on Table loaded with elemental information

BioMEDIA ASSOCIATES' biology education website

Plunge into an animation of cell biology, see life in a drop of pond water or follow the evolution of life through time.

Cells Alive!

This site has excellent pictures and graphics dealing with cells.

Net frog

A virtual dissection of the frog.


This site showcases the beauty of living cells , the basic unit of life.

Free Downloadable Labs For Teachers

These labs are for PC's only. They contain labs ranging from genetics to ecology.

Microbe Zoo

Looking for Bacteria? You will find them here.

Tree of Life

Classification of life, a must to help understand Taxonomy.

Discovery Puzzle Maker

Need puzzles for your class? This is the place to find and make your own.

Diversity of life Web Index

Simple to use taxonomic guide to life


This site is an internet web portal designed to bring useful and interesting microbiology informational resources to all nterested.

Beginners Molecular Bio site

Good site to find info on DNA, Glycolysis, and the cell.

Seabirds and Forage Fish in Alaska

A web site dealing with seabirds, and their environment for students from middle/high-school to university level, as well as offering material for professional colleagues.

Graphics Gallery

High quality down loadable illustrations from Access Excellence.

Online Text Books and Biology Courses

M.I.T Hyper Text

On Line Biology Book for Advanced Bio students.

World Wide Lecture Hall

Any course you need and much more.

Evolution Essay

Essay written by Stephen J. Gould.

Online AP course

A perfect way to review for the AP Bio Test.

Online Biology Book

An excellent online book that covers all the areas of biology. Outstanding for review or original learning.

The Three Books of Charles Darwin

The Voyage of the Beagle and two others in full copy

Bad Bug Book

Microbiology page for specific pathogenic bacteria.

The Human Genome

Pictures of the human chromosomes.

Biological Organizations

Centers for Disease Control Home Page

Perfect page for research on any disease.

Chemistry Teaching Resources

Chem and Bio teachers goodies for everyone

Howard Hughes Institute

Perfect link for teachers looking for current biological materials.

The Center for Educational Restoration

A wonderful site for home schooling.

Access Excellence

A must site for all biology teachers and students.